Both villas together provide ample space (310sqm) with 2 kitchens, 2 dining rooms, 2 lounge areas with fireplaces, entrance hall with old stone arch, 6 double bedrooms (3 of them with a wooden attic), 5 bathrooms and 2 storage rooms. Communication between the 2 villas is facilitated via the garden and the terraces. The houses take advantage of the perfect climate, allowing daylight and fresh air to enter through the large windows.

Outside there is a garden, a private swimming pool (7,5m X 3m) and barbecue facilities along with large, private terraces (80sqm, in total for both villas). All outside areas feature excellent views of Psiloritis Mt. and the Amari valley, ideal for feeling the natural tranquility of the environment. 


• Experience refreshing walks through the fields and rest under the shade of ancient olive and oak trees. 
• Climb to the Samitos summit (1.050m, 1,5 hour easy walking). Find the cave “Bana”, once dedicated to the worship of Pan, the ancient God of nature. 
  On the summit plateau there is a parachuting gliding platform. 
• Discover all 7 byzantine churches, hidden in the countryside, dating from the 13th century. 
• The old bell tower is the symbol for visitors, offering spectacular views of the area (located just beside the villas).
• Experience the slow tempo of life, sitting in the “kafeneion”, with a coffee or a “raki”, among the locals busy with their everyday talking.
• Children will be happy to use the schoolyard and the playground.